What does your Business Card COLOR say about you?

Color is often taken for granted. Colors represent different meanings. Make sure you are creating a statement with the color(s) you choose. Make it memorable!

Here are a few examples of colors and what they represent. RED: excitement, energy, love, speed, blood, war. PINK: romance, caring, tenderness. BLUE: peace, tranquility, trust, truth. GREEN: nature, healthy, vigor. BLACK: power, elegance, anger, death. ORANGE: energy, balance, vibrant. PURPLE: royalty, mysterious, arrogance.

The right colors will convey your message to your target audience. You want your target audience to feel an emotion when they see your marketing materials. You want them to want to read your message and learn more about your product or service. Most importantly, to hire you!

It is also, important to choose a color and keep it consistent throughout your marketing materials, web site, social media, etc. Choose 2-3 colors and keep it consistent. Choose one of the colors to be the dominant color.